As a Destination Marketing Specialist I am responsible for planning, coordinating and leading the implementation of destination marketing, special areas of interest or events that effectively promote tourism and tourism development consistent with the contracting company.

~ Seika Groves, BSc.

Duties, Functions And Accountability:

  • Provide duties as representative, liaison and resource to the city, town or company and Bus Tour Operators, including the development of itineraries, conducting meetings, creating promotional material, notices, email lists and reports.
  • Coordinate on the concept, production and publication of branding materials. This may included email, newsletters, social media and print materials.
  • Effectively negotiate terms and conditions with tour operators, and partners to meet expectations and ensure appropriate communication between parties.
  • Develop a monthly destination marketing activity calendar and report.
  • Develop and oversee mechanisms to measure the success and continuously improve the quality of marketing, advertising, programs and strategies.
  • Develop and recommend new marketing methods and enhancements to better achieve goals; including marketing company services to citizens, community groups and other external organizations that help maintain a visible and positive image.
  • Develop ideas and opportunities for publications, presentations, conferences, events, and other public relations activities that promote awareness of the city, town, company and their services.
  • Plan, organize and disseminate timely and accurate information and promote awareness of city, town or company operations, services, programs, projects, events and issues to key audiences as identified by the client.
  • Coordinate social media presence with the city, town or company Communications Coordinator.
  • Prepare written reports as required on content reach, media tracking, civic engagement measurement, and other research findings.
  • Develop and maintain communication in a cooperative and professional manner with all levels of staff, members of the community, and outside contacts.
  • Develop contacts and relationships with businesses and services – and maintain a detailed database.